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Revolutionary Glove Care Products

Guaranteed Glove Boost for Goalkeeper Gloves

Glove-boost goalkeeper glove care products - made in germany
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Revolutionary Goalkeeper Glove Care Products by GLOVEBOOST

Glove cleaner SUPER WASH & HYPER GRIP enhancer match perfectly to bring extraordinary glove boost.

Hey Keeper, experience your gloves like never before!

Acts as mega booster on moistened glove palms


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Buy 3 x glove-boost-hyper-grip and save


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Because clean goalkeeper gloves catch better


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Buy 3 x glove-boost-super-wash and save


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Super-wash for glove-boost

Super Wash for Glove Boost

Goalkeeper glove care SUPER WASH by GLOVEBOOST for total cleaning. Because clean goalkeeper gloves catch better! Therefore, goalkeeper gloves have to be cleaned after every game to remove dirt and aggressive sweat. The revolutionary TURBO technology removes effectively dirt particles, residues and eliminates odors. The SUPER WASH cleaner is revitalizing to all goalkeeper glove materials. High-quality goalkeeper latex foams especially profit from this unique glove cleaner.  You can feel it immediately. At the same time, the cleaner concentrate is gentle on your hands during glove wash.

  • TURBO technology binds dirt particles and removes odors
  • Deep nourishing to goalkeeper latex foams
  • Revitalize all goalkeeper glove materials
  • For hand wash of goalkeeper gloves – mild to hands
  • Use: glove washing after every goalkeeper game
Hyper-grip for goalkeeper glove palm boost

HYPER GRIP for Goalkeeper Glove Palm Boost

Gives a new dimension to the latex palms of your goalkeeper gloves. Remember to moisten the palms of your goalkeeper gloves for best gel absorption. The HYPER GRIP soft gel acts as a mega booster against loss of grip. The INSTANT technology makes it quickly absorbed. You will immediately experience how it enhances the grip of your catching surfaces for pure performance!

  • Acts as mega booster on moistened glove palms
  • INSTANT technology makes HYPER GRIP quickly absorbed
  • Suitable for all modern goalkeeper glove latex palms
  • Eco-friendly and Made in Germany
  • Use: before and during goalkeeper game
Boost your goalkeeper gloves

A completely new care for goalkeeper gloves. Only laboratory-tested high-tech ingredients are used in GLOVEBOOST revolutionary goalkeeper glove care products. SUPER WASH & HYPER GRIP have been extensively tested on a wide variety of goalkeeper glove latex foams. Both care products are created for modern goalkeeper gloves – with the goal of GLOVE BOOST!

Why not be number 1?

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Next generation goalkeeper glove care glove-boost

About Us

Glove-boost revolutionary goalkeeper glove care products

Body Fitness – Mental Fitness – Goalkeeper Glove Fitness

These are the three pillars of a clean sheet. Body and mental fitness are up to you, the fitness of your goalkeeper gloves is our part. We place maximum emphasis on our GLOVEBOOST goalkeeper glove care products and process qualities. As you know, best latex materials and the best craftsmanship are essential for optimal goalkeeper gloves. In addition to different fits and models, the latex compositions of palms are of crucial importance. To get the maximum grip of goalkeeper gloves you should care for them properly and carefully – Best before during and after every goalkeeping game. This is exactly where GLOVEBOOST wants to support you with revolutionary goalkeeper glove care products.

“Our credo: Best goalkeeper gloves need best glove boost.”

“Revolutionary goalkeeper glove care products – for a true glove boost.”

“Keep a clean sheet!”

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